Top 5 De-stressing Trends To Try In 2018

The year 2018 is well on its way to finishing its first quarter. Although the stress of our work and personal lives are nowhere coming to an end, you can have the resolution to deal with them better this year. Every time you feel like you are being power pressed by worries on all four sides, reach out to calm yourself. The worries may not go away but you will at least be able to stop them from taking over your life. Here is a look at some innovative ways to de-stress yourself this New Year.

  1. Colouring book

Adult coloring books are then new shizz when it comes to de-stressing and mindfulness. If you loved coloring books as a child, no reason why you should not reach out to them in your adulthood. Largely available in bookstores, they come with more mature patterns. As a person being bogged down with stress, you will simply have to concentrate on filling the patterns and making sure you fill in completely. The momentary blocking out of any other thoughts helps you to calm down.

  1. Work out

One of the basics of de-stressing is to not let your mind wander into troubling waters so that you can relax and find a useful solution to whatever is creating stress for you. Working out or exercising has been proven to be one of the best methods of de-stressing as you concentrate more and more on completing the 25th crunch and not how your interview is going to go tomorrow. Your mind concentrates on your aching muscles over your anxiety.

  1. Decompress

Often when we seek out comfort, we won’t touch, reassurances and warmth. When you live alone, far away from family or friends, these elements are missing to help you calm down. Decompressing or the act of putting a warm wet cloth over your shoulder or on your eyes has been proven to relax and de-stress. So when you come back home from work, take some time to do this and seek a little power nap to allow your body to feel rested.

  1. Be silent, shut down

When stress comes tumbling down from all sides, we all require shut-off for a while. It is not running away from your problems but a way of overcoming them by taking deep breaths as you try to not think of anything else. Be silent, be still and just concentrate on nothingness.

  1. Dance or listen to music

While being silent is one way of de-stressing, being mobile is also another way. So pump up the music system and dance, even if you are alone. Bid your stress away with the rhythm.

Every individual reacts to stress differently which is why every individual needs a custom-made answer for stress. While these are some of them, don’t be afraid to explore.

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