6 Tips For You To Tackle The Plastic Menace At Home

Lifestyle changes are what we all look forward to bringing about. While some strive to change their diet others try to work out. We all strive to do it, if not trying to make a change in our immediate activities we often try to bring about a change in the more subtle things in life like being more environment-friendly. Large-scale awareness motivates us to do it but often the trick in saving the environment lies in the little things we do and the changes we bring about with them. One of the most crucial environmental hazards that need to be tackled is Plastic. While completely turning away from plastic may not be an easy task, we can still control the menace by being more cautious. Here are a few steps on how you can control the plastic menace at home.

  1. Refuse plastic

The wide availability of plastic has made it harder for us to get rid of it but by consciously refusing from vendors and shops, it can help cut down on its entry in your life. When shopping, carry your own bag and refuse plastic bags when your item is handed in them.

  1. Carry your cutlery

Plastic spoons and forks pose great hazards for marine life where it eventually lands up. To stop this menace, carry your own cutlery. While refusing a plastic spoon from your fries vendor may feel awkward at first you are sure to make a statement by pulling out your steel spoon.

  1. Reuse plastic

Plastic finds its place in our lives one way or another. You may refuse it in person but they still find their way when you are handed over a package by a friend. A lot of times these plastic bags can be reused multiple times. So use them and reuse them instead of throwing them away after a single use. Reuse plastic containers to store kitchen items like cereals, pasta, and others.

  1. Opt for other materials

Since plastic bags have become the biggest problem it is crucial that we find a replacement for them to stop their inflow. The best way to do it is by opting for more organic materials like jute or cotton bags. Opt for glass jars instead of plastic ones in your kitchen and for regular item storage.

  1. Cut off items with a plastic package

Heavy packaging for most items is made of plastic, refusing such items can be a way for you to cut down on plastic consumption. Opt for cardboard packages of detergents over plastic bottles and cartons. You can even go for milk in reusable glass bottles.

  1. Avoid the glitter

Glitter adds spark to your celebrations and art projects but it poses a serious environmental hazard as it is made from plastic and is present as tiny particles. Their small size makes it easy for them to go undetected in water being easily ingested by animals. Being made of plastic they never really break down.  So skip the glitter and you will surprisingly cut down on plastic.

Let’s come together and stop chocking our mother earth by reducing the plastic usage in these clever ways. Let the environment breathe freely.

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