5 Fruit Infused Water Recipe To Try This Summer

Summer is almost knocking at our door and we are all looking at ways to make it bearable. While sitting inside with the air conditioner on and avoiding the sun as much as possible is the sanest advice to follow, however, it is not always doable. We are bound to step out at some point of the day and end up being drained by the sun. Keeping yourself hydrated is the first step towards not letting the summer get to you. But just drinking water can get boring which is why it feels good to spike it sometimes. Here is a list of non-alcoholic beverages for you to get more out of your drinking water while not adding more sugar to your drink.

Cucumber water

Cucumber water is the most cherished detox drink. The simple recipe and its easy ingredients of slices of cucumber and lemon make it an easy and fast drink to make. The cooling effect of cucumber is sure to make you keep going back to this drink.

Watermelon and mint

This is another fruit infused water which is sure to do more than just quench your thirst this summer. Add a few pieces of watermelon and a few mint leaves and let them sit in your water bottle or jug for the night. Take this to work next day and you are sure to have a refreshing drink next day.

Citrus and cilantro

Fruits and herbs go very well together when it comes to making a refreshing drink. Add a few slices and leaves of lime and cilantro and you will be more than happy to choose this drink over a soda. With the absence of added sugar, this drink is sure to keep your diet intact while letting you sip on flavored water.

Watermelon Aqua Fresca

Summer often makes us skip the usual H2O to go for coconut water. While it does come with its own set of refreshing properties, there is no harming in taking it a step higher. Add a pureed watermelon to it with two tablespoons of lime juice and you will have the perfect summer mocktail for sipping by the pool.

Strawberry lime and cucumber

Strawberries make for easy ingredients when it comes to fruit infused water. They are easy to gel with if you are fond of its sweet fruity flavor. Simply add a few sliced strawberries to lime and cucumber in your water and you will give up any other artificial drink faster than you think.

Summers are hard months and nobody wants to look like a parched crow during these months. These water recipes are best prepared at night so that the mix gets an entire night to soak in all the flavors. Carry them to work or simply while going out on errands. When you let them soak for the night, you need not add the fruit and herb pieces when you carry the water separately. So give these recipes a try to avoid the sun getting to you and keeping your hydration mantra trendy.

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