4 Ways To Reduce Pet Stink Your Apartment

Our pets are the apple of our eyes. We do everything in our capacities to make them happy. While they are easy to love creatures, there appear certain disadvantages to living with a pet. I do not mean the ones where your dog pees at the foot of your bed or eats potatoes from the vegetable basket when you are not looking. I am referring to the changes that you feel once you start living with them, like their odor. Once you get accustomed to them, you may no longer notice their foul odor but if you have guests over the day, they are sure to pick on it no matter how cute your furball is. So here are few easy ways to minimize pet stinks in your apartment.

  1. Let in the natural air

The best way to get rid of pet stink is to simply let in the fresh air. Keep your windows open during the day. Even sunlight helps subdue the smell. The air circulation stops the smell from stagnating and also lets your pet breathe better. Stagnant air intensifies the air while air circulation elevates.

  1. Invest in an air purifier

Some investments go a long way and an air purifier is definitely one of them. While getting one just because you have a pet does not suggest that your pet is toxic but it eventually contributes to fresher air to breathe for both, especially you when you live in a small apartment with limited sunlight and air supply.

  1. Clean your home

Keeping a pet can get messy which is why your lazy cleaning bones will have little space in your life. Fur discharge is just one part of that mess. Regular wiping of furniture surface and vacuuming carpets mean there will be fewer germs around you while keeping your house smelling fresh. Another important step in the cleaning procedure is to ensure that you wipe your dog’s paws every time they step into the house from their fun time outside.  It ensures less dirt and also saves them from ticks that may have clung to their paws as they ran outside.

  1. Regular baths

An optimum method of ensuring your apartment does not have a dog odor is to give him or her regular baths. They tend to sweat which releases an unpleasant odor when not washed for long. Invest in pet shampoos and they are sure to give good return at least for 2-3 days till Bruno decides to roll in the mud.

We all love our fur bulls but their stink at times can get to even the most lovable pet parents.

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