3 Hacks To Stop You From Overspending Time On Social Media

The internet for most millennials has turned out to be a thing of addiction more than being resourceful.  Think you have been spared? Think again. Every time you reach out for your phone when you have little else to do or too much to do, you have been swapped into the addiction web. A major part of our phone fiddling requires us to go through our social media repeatedly. We may not find any new posts on our feed nevertheless we keep refreshing in hopes of seeing a new selfie. Though these are minor symptoms of the addiction, they still end up sucking a considerable part of our real time. Looking for a way out? Here a few pointers you can try to practice in real life.

Limit your time online

This task is easier said than done nevertheless we can still try. Garnering the willpower to stop yourself from holding the phone feels like a mammoth task. Some may even manage to do it but the self-imposed punishment does not last too long. However, you still seek the aid of browser extensions. Both Chrome and Firefox has extensions where you can punch in the amount of time you intend to stay online.

Remove push notifications

The habit of constantly checking our phones start with push notifications. The lonely ting of a Whatsapp message has now conditioned us into picking up our phone to check it instantly. The best way to avoid it by removing push notifications from apps. You don’t need to check who commented on your photo at all times. It can wait till you have time on your hand. Remove app notification from your phone. Let your phone make a noise only when someone calls you.

Unfollow pages that do little for you

We all attempt to take away something useful in the form of information when we log into our devices. More often than not we end up being consumed by useless yet addictive content. De-cluttering your feed by unfollowing useless pages goes a long way in ensuring you spend your time on valuable content in social media.

Social media is a new universe where it is easy to get lost when not guided and consciously debated on benefits. So install a few restrictions and reap better benefits of your time online or offline.

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