Is being in a live-in relationship smart?

Living alone for the most part of adulthood is a learning experience. But after a point, we all wish to live with our special someone. As adults, you can even divulge in the living arrangement if both of you live in the same city. Granted in India it is easier said than done but if you are on the lookout, you are sure to find the ideal landlord. But most importantly every relationship goes throw a testing phase before couples take the final jump but wouldn’t it be better if it is done in close quarters. Here are a few reasons how a live-in relationship helps you understand your other half better.

Test for marriage

Being in love with someone and living with the same person means you get to see different sides of them which would otherwise never be revealed to you. You may like his cooking skills but did you know he hates doing dishes? The perk of living with your other half is in knowing and if possible accepting these details about them.

Divided responsibilities

You spend a week at his place and she spends the weekend at yours, either way, none of you end up staying longer in your apartment. However, living together would mean you pay only half your rent as well as actually live in the apartment instead of shuttling between each other’s place.

Discovering your other half and yourself

While live-in relationships, for the most part, are attributed to discovering unknown facts about your better half, there is another side to it as well. It also helps you discover yourself and how you react to living with your partner. How you adapt to their shortfalls or emotions while living 24X7 makes it a learning experience for you as well.

Makes more sense financially

The financial advantage of living with a partner is manifold. While it is not drastically different from living with a roommate, a common understanding does help smoothen out a few rough edges. It also helps spot the spender and saver in the relationship, helping you build a stronger base.

Living with a partner outside the legalities and social pressure of a marriage gives you the freedom to discover and explore each other’s company better. This helps you to understand and observe better. So do give it a try once you have found that special someone.

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